This is not your usual concert experience.

The 3 Project is a new creative experiment, showcasing the identities and talents of 3 outstanding artists from our creative community, combining elements of musical theatre, personal narrative, and original performances. The 3 Project is a brand-new way to see, understand, and enjoy these gifted artists, who themselves have grown from our own diverse and expansive creative community. The featured artists who will bring “3” to the stage are not only amazing writers and performers, but they are also community builders, committed to encouraging and inspiring other developing artists who seek a personal path to sharing their art, performances, and identities with the world.

The 3 Project is a kind of “love letter” to the many gifted, community artists who may never have a platinum-selling record, best-selling book, mega-viral video, or global concert tour; but deserve the opportunity to showcase their amazing creative gifts to an encouraging, enthusiastic audience. This “love letter” is not only an expression of our artists’ creative talent, but is also an expression of the personal stories from which their creativity has sprung. The story of the artist is the story of the art. This is not your usual concert experience.

The 3 Project will take the stage on Thursday December 1 and Friday December 2 (7:00 PM), at the beautiful cSPACE Studio Theatre in Calgary (1721 29 Ave SW). Tickets are available online at

The 3 Project

The 3 Project took the stage on December 1 and December 2, 2022 at cSpace Studio Theatre. Thank you all for attending!